Peter Graham is a musician, singer song writer who has played his own songs around the world. He has performed on Sky TV Europe, Bulgarian and Romanian TV and on radio in numerous countries. With his band Original Mind, he did a friendship tour of universities in Eastern Europe in the early 90s, including former Yugoslavia and Kosovo. He has had songs placed with various UK publishers and has played prestigious venues in Europe and the UK, including The Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Conference Centre. He played in numerous festivals and on radio across Japan, composing songs about the country and people. Also doing several concerts in the Philippines, Micronesia and South Korea.   He has done extensive charity work with music, playing in prisons, hospitals, schools and fund-raisers throughout the UK, Europe and Southern USA.  He played benefits for the Chinese earthquake of 2009 and helped organise various events for the Japan Tsunami, March 2011 to 2015, visiting those areas and performing.  

In 2008, while performing in Seoul Korea with dancers from Thailand, Japan, Taiwan and Sri Lanka, he had the idea to form an association to help world peace through performing arts and cultural presentations, also supporting good causes.  He founded the World Culture Association in London in May 2009.