The area we are working in is near Goma, an area being destabilised through terror by Rwandan mercenaries and commercial interests

Before becoming WCA volunteers, Ben and others have set up a shelter for orphaned children under 8 years, who are cared for while homes are found for them. This is the Hope For Children Orphans shelter and our special project for support. At present around 70 smal orphans are being cared for.  $20 can provide food for all of them for one day.

Since establishing a WCA office in Goma, they have signed the documentation to be able to start up social projects to empower the youth and bring the communities together. Also one volunteer has completed a 5 week government course to receive the certificate needed to do social work, representing the WCA. We are running a centre for counselling traumatised women, rape victims of the ongoing war.

In some cases, these women have been abandoned by their families and made homeless. In other cases they are the only  survivors of their family

As well as counselling, we are starting to provide them with sewing machines and training, so they can start small businesses. Some of them will be able to provide foster homes for some of the orphaned children.

Your donation will make it possible for Ben, Pamela and the volunteers to continue their vital work for social improvements in the Congo and save lives!


Other WCA projects in the area include The Goma Peace Orchestra, and boys and girls soccer teams, helping to create a positive, hopeful environment for the youth,


They eat and sleep in the same space. Upgrades are urgently needed.

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Your regular donation can give children like Daniella the support they need at their most vulnerable

Please join our sponsorship programme to keep the shelter running!

$US 20 per month goes a long way to feed the children and secure and upgrade the facility.

It will also help towards finding them permanent homes in the surrounding area.

 Plus help towards office space, counselling and training for potential foster parents  


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