Mr Bayar S. doesn’t have the right to be

the Ambassador of the Mongolian Government to the UK

The Mongolian Ambassador who came to the UK

1. He was the Prime Minister of Mongolia during the period of 2007-2009.

2. He bought 7 luxury houses based in the US, each costing over $1 million then sold them.    Uyanga G, who was Member of the Parliament in 2012-2016, wanted this to be investigated by the Independent Authority Against Corruption of Mongolia but didn’t succeed.

3. There has been news about 3 daughters of Bayar S. having offshore bank accounts. Now the corrupt  group within Parliament is working on adding laws or legislation stating that the offshore accounts are necessary.

4. Whilst he was the Prime Minister, he manipulated the election results (1st of July 2008). The public was strongly against his wrong doing, resulting in protest at a later stage. War was declared and 5 innocent men were shot dead by armed police officers in the UB streets. Under the name of quieting the protest, thousands of young people were beaten up, threatened, arrested and even imprisoned.  

According to the lawyers, the only person who had the power to give such orders to the police  is the Prime Minister (which was Bayar S. at that time) Social scientists believe that this kind of action is normally taken in order to scare the public and it comes as no surprise that Bayar S. evaded any responsibility for this action.

5. Bayar S. is the leader and founder of the culture of corruption in the government and therefore he has no right to represent the Mongolian people as an Ambassador.

8th of March 2017. International Women’s Day.

On this day of celebration for every Mongolian woman, Ichinkhorloo G initiated the first demonstration against Bayar S. (the oligarch) being the Ambassador, in front of the Embassy of Mongolia in London joined by Odongerel E

9th of March 2017. Second day of the Demonstration. Five of us (with three additional people).

Mr Peter Graham, a British citizen, is supporting the four Mongolians with all his heart. He is the founder of the World Culture Association and has an immense knowledge about  Mongolian society and economics. He also organised events, including at the House of Lords to raise awareness of the plight of Mongolian children, those who are orphans and/or facing poverty.

9th of March 2017. Main entrance of the Embassy of Mongolia.

Another typical working day in London. Neighbouring Embassies of Belarus and  Azerbaijan are looking much more welcoming with their big open doors compared to our Embassy, all chained up.   

Five of us now.

Photo of Bayar S. and his new wife Suvd E. greeting  Queen Elizabeth II. This photo became viral due to them looking rather reluctant to come closer to Her Majesty, showing no respect for the 90-year-old Queen.

Armed police arrived with their car saying that they came due to a call and asked what we were up to. We explained our situation, that we have  permission to do a gathering in the area at this hour.

The police officer responded politely that they are aware of the situation and are keeping an eye out. This implies that the safety of Mongolian citizens who are carrying out the demonstration outside the Embassy of Mongolia is also protected. One of us then mentioned how we would have gotten arrested if it was back in Mongolia.

When we are discussing about why an armed police officer arrived (which didn’t happen the day before), we noticed someone taking a picture of us from the window of the Embassy.

As we turned around with our banners, we noticed a man quickly hiding behind the curtains. As one of the workers at the Embassy, he took our pictures to use as evidence in order to include us in the ‘blacklist’.

Since he is Mongolian, he could have just come out and take pictures of us… instead of hiding for no reason.

A lot of people asked us why we used a drying rod for clothes to hang our banners and we simply responded that ‘it’s a way of symbolising a laundry movement to clean out the corrupted Mongolian politics’

Ganbold Z.

In recent years, social problems have risen dramatically,

The money and resources coming into Mongolia have also increased dramatically,

The WCA has been encouraging Mongolia to use this new wealth to reach the areas that need it

 Unfortunately this hasn’t happened and the total amount of laundered funds and off-shore accounts world-wide is estimated at 17 BILLION US DOLLARS and counting, while children are still living down man holes, families are being destroyed through poverty, prisons are full and peaceful demonstrations are met with tear gas and arrests.