Sisang Aspurias De la Cruz

Worked with World Vision projects, especially in Palawan, helping with sustainable farming and education. Particularly with the Living Water Foundation, as child management staff and Sponsor Relations staff



Irina Lozhnikova


Coming from a poor family in a village in Northern Siberia, the coldest place on earth, Irina qualified for a scholarship at the Presidential Academy in Moscow. She now lectures in English, Economics, Public Administration, Sociology, Cultural Studies and Politics to post-graduates and politicians.



Baroness Trumpington DVO

Ben Bienvenu

Living in a war zone near Goma. In his 20s he was kidnapped by rebels, tortured and held for ransom . Afterwards he founded an orphanage and recovery centre for women victims of  the genocide.

 L2R orphanage has at present over 80 children under 10.

WCA Congo is working on  forming a peace orchestra, creating youth soccer teams and explaining practical principles of peace. Also holding events in London to highlight the ongoing tragedy that is present day  Congo.



Namgyal is a tireless advocate for Tibetan rights. Based in Dharamsala, she is a Member of parliament at the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile

She is the first woman president of the Guchusum Movement of Tibet, which lobbies for political prisoners inside Tibet.

As a special advisor to the WCA, she will help us to be as effective as possible in assisting the Tibetan people to gain freedom and justice in their own land and in perpetuating their unique culture for the benefit of all.

Lhagyari Namgyal Dolkar

Jean Alys Barker, Baroness Trumpington DCVO PC (née Campbell-Harris; born 23 October 1922), is an English politician, a Conservative member of the House of Lords.

Baronness Trumptington kindly agreed to be special advisor for the WCA in Mongolia, after attending a WCA-Moncharity event in the House of Lords on behalf of children living out on the streets in Ulaan Baatar.