In recent years, their numbers have risen dramatically,

The money and resources coming into Mongolia have also increased dramatically,

Many children, the future of the country, have no future themselves.

The World Culture Association is encouraging Mongolia to use new wealth to reach

the areas that most need empowering and support.


Since this event, continued publicity and the work of international NGOs and local groups have inspired action. The underground street children have largely been re-housed.

The WCA will continue to lobby for positive action for children in Mongolia.

We support the Lotus Children’s Centre

House of Lords

This event in the House of Lords highlighted those  homeless children in Mongolia who live in tunnels underground and  gathered resources for more powerful representations to come.

The sponsor was Lord King of West Bromwich. Among the participants were Baroness Hooper, BaronnessTrumpington and Dr Adolphe Succar, special envoy from the Lebanon

The Rt Hon Baroness Trumpington has kindly offered her name to the WCA  efforts in Mongolia.