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Events for Peace with music, dance, costume and art.

Peaceful Pacific



An event in the House of Lords to highlight homeless children in Mongolia who lived in tunnels underground:- More…

‘Songs of Peace in a Restless World’. With artists from Turkmenistan, Israel, South Africa, Vietnam and the UK  More…

Past events include ‘An Oriental Experience’, ‘the Spirit of Spring Around the World’, ‘Autumn Magic’ , ‘Christmas Around the World’, entertaining and also highlighting charities and good causes: More…

The World Culture Association is presenting ‘concert events with images and music of Japan traditional and modern. More…

Corruption in Mongolia Korea

Korean culture, art and fashion, ancient and new, South and North, projected peace concerts: More…        

The WCA is a UN registered Civil Society Organization.

Peaceful Pacific Songs of Peace (In a Restless World) Songs of Peace (In a Restless World) Congo

Hope For Children Concert!

16th Dec!



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